South Australian eggs

Healthy eggs come from happy hens and here on the Days Eggs website we welcome you to scratch around and peck your way through our various pages to learn more about our values, our team, and our “girls”. With farms throughout South Australia, our hens enjoy a diverse range of lifestyles as we balance the best of our natural environment with the latest technology that ensures safe and secure food, shelter, health, and egg handling. When it comes to respecting our hens, there’s no walking on eggshells here. We’re all in, with their welfare as our guiding focus.

Free Range

Barn Laid

Cage Eggs


Farming Practices

While eggs are not circular, our approach to ecology is. Everything we do goes full circle to ensure the health of our environment, the health of our hens, and the health of our farmers and customers. As a farming family, our philosophy is simple: by looking after the environment, we can leave a better planet for our children and for South Australia, for generations to come.

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