Check out our beautiful Port Germein farm


Port Germein, Southern Flinders Ranges

Our Port Germein farm is a picturesque property nestled in the Southern Flinders Ranges. To the east, the world-renowned Flinders Ranges tower in the distance and, to the west, vast ocean views of the Spencer Gulf can be seen.

Port Germein is where the ranges truly meet the sea, near the top of the Spencer Gulf in South Australia.

We found the 354 hectare (874 acre) greenfield site whilst searching for land to home the extra hens needed to satisfy the growing demand for our delicious free range eggs.

At this property, each of the houses open up to sustainably managed pastures where the range density is anywhere from 1,500 birds to the hectare, giving each girl a personal space of 6.5sqm, and up to 10,000 birds to the hectare (or the size of two footy fields to roam), giving each girl around 1.5sqm of personal space.