Project Description


Port Pirie Egg Farm

Our Port Pirie farm is set in the foothills of the Southern Flinders Ranges in South Australia. As you might expect, this farm has spectacular views of the Flinders Ranges to the east and the ocean to the west.

Purchased in 2001 and then renovated in 2004, this farm made egg industry history in South Australia when we installed a new and improved, pre-enriched, hen welfare cage system.

Within this system, the only one in SA, our girls can walk around, stand, and stretch their wings on comfortable perches; something not possible in other cage systems.

Hen welfare is at the heart of our enterprise, and we chose this system because it used sound science to balance hen welfare, food safety, and bio-security. As a result of this investment, we know many South Australians have been grateful for having access to affordable, nutritious eggs, from our healthy and happy cage hens.

However, that said, demand for cage free eggs continues to rise, putting pressure on the market. In response, we will continue catering for SA families while transitioning this state-of-the-art system to a cage-free facility during the coming years. As the girls say, it’s a wing-wing!