Project Description


Roseworthy Egg Farm

Set amongst the rolling wheat fields of the mid north of South Australia, and on the fringe of the renown Barossa Valley, is our Roseworthy Free Range Farm.

Each hen has the area of a footy field to roam and the creature comforts of spacious accommodation, providing protection from predators and air-conditioned comfort during those hot summers and icy cold winter days, which the area is known for.

The hens are free to come and go as they please. They decide if and when they want to head outdoors to forage and scratch around, or stay inside their sheds where their food and water is safely protected from wild birds.

The range areas are managed by regular applications of locally grown straw in the form of round or square bales. This doubles as a valuable enrichment to the pastures and creates an interest for them to fossick and scratch around in.